Wars of Liberty remade the church entirely. Now, it's available for all civilizations in the game and lets you choose a religion, which enables a new resource, faith. With faith you can train priests, which are now much more strategic, and research new religious technologies with amazing and game-twisting effects. Currently, there are 16 different religions, and each civilization has access to 2 plus Laicism.











Spies are stronger than ever! Now all civilizations have access to a new building, the Safehouse, which lets you train the spy. This stealthy unit is capable of planting landmines, stealthy kills and detonate bombs on enemy buildings. Watch out: Town Centers cannot reveal spies anymore, so you'll have to counter them with your explorer or with your own spies.

Great War


Who said Imperial Age was the limit? In Wars of Liberty, you'll reach the sixth age, Great War! At this highly expensive age, you'll have access to the ultimate technologies and three new types of units: airplanes, tanks and dreadnoughts!



You will notice some cultures have nasty tricks to deal with invasor Empires. One of them is fire, which is casted by several civilizations in different ways. In case you see a fire, send immediately some villagers there to put it down before it spreads - if that happens, it will quickly consume all your buildings!

Everything is better in high-definition

We all know Age of Empires III is a 10-year-old game. And that poor 1024x768 resolution won't last much longer. In Wars of Liberty, all user interface images are 4x the original resolution, so when stretched, everything will still look sharp even in large monitors.

Personality traits

Artificial Intelligence too predictable? In Wars of Liberty, the AI starts with a random personality trait that grants them an unique bonus for that match. They'll give hints of their current personality during the game. The traits are random, but you'll see some Leaders get some traits more often than expected. There are 30 different personality traits.


Starts with a covered wagon
"It is not the well-fed long-haired main I fear, but the pale and hungry looking."


Militia spawns continuously
"You have all these rules and you think they'll save you."


No bonus at all
"Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today."

Maps with special events

Bored of the usual gameplay? Some Wars of Liberty random maps have special game twisters for you. Avoid the dangerous area in Bermuda Triangle or the headless knight in Deathly Hollows. Hold your breath on the Moon, protect yourself from the LOS reset in Congo. Free HTML5 Template Free HTML5 Template


All villagers can quickly put down a fire and don't get really hurt; fire is devastating against buildings and will hurt military units as well. Also, have in mind that fire may hurt the caster as well.

Don't Miss

  • The Latin American Coronel, the Serbian buildings and the Inca Monument's Wildfire are the current ways to start a fire
  • Whenever someone trains enough spies, everyone will receive a warning
  • Spies can attack even in stealth mode
  • Priests can instantly kill any unit, but it takes time
  • Don't ignore religion; upgraded priests can be really powerful and religious techs have great effects
  • The headless knight, Dullahan, will always attack the one he judges weaker

The fire was followed by a period of grieving and then by an incredible lightness, freedom, and mobility.

Martin Puryear