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Tigray Lancer
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10 sentence challenge

Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:35 am

So, I had this interesting idea. Basically, take 10 WoL nations and write a sentence about them. Props to the most creative ones!
I shall start:
Paraguay: Who uses Settlers for gathering?
Bulgaria: Who needs an economy?
USA: Because it's perfectly fine to have 1500 HP artillery!
Habsburgs: Demi-cannons, please come near me friend ;)
Egypt: How the duck am I supposed to play them?
India: 4k HP Mahouts, talk about an elephant in the room!
Russians: Rushing with 50 units in 5 minutes, sure why not :D
Canada: 100% someone begged for it in a team game
And last but not least...

Serbia: Od Bihaća do Petrovca Sela...
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Mehal Sefari
Mehal Sefari
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Re: 10 sentence challenge

Tue Jan 10, 2017 3:10 pm

Greece: Who needs crops when you got fish?
Peruvians: Soldier, do you mind killing yourself so the rest of us can flee the battlefield a bit more quickly?
Columbians: Who knew that Paisanos could perform photosynthesis.
Spanish: OLE!
Incas: Who needs photosynthesis when we can cut wood and cut up deer meat and turn it into 24 karat gold.
Ethiopians: We are going to build a 500k hp wall and make Mexico pay for it.
Zulu: The Zulu nation provides many career oppurtunities for young people including spear throwing savage, gatling gun shooter, restless arrow shooting native, spear thruster, log carrying siege machine, and ofc, the villager!
British: For every 100 wood you donate to our manor building foundation, we will give birth to one more settler who will then build another house!
Brazil: You would of thought by now that those slaves would have figured out how to leave captivity by now.
Tupi: What is that big shiny gold coloring rock sticking out of the ground and why would we choose to play our men in wood instead?
USA: I am proud of being a America where at least I know my cavalry has 1000 more hp and wont forget the 700 billion men who died to get to the Capital Age, so I'll stand up next you in a coca cola stand draining your resources because I love this land and Allah bless the USA!
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Worker Wagon
Worker Wagon
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Re: 10 sentence challenge

Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:38 am

Serbians: The enemy scout is in our town...BURN EVERYTHING.
Sioux: For some reason, all you can think about is the Huns.
Paraguayans: Where did my engineer go?
Colombians: So...do they eat each other?
Ethiopians: Guess I need to build more lots.
Romanians: Circuses, Dracula...what are some other not necessarily historically-accurate stereotypes about Romania?
Habsburgs: Why would you ever not marry the Dutch Princess?
Italians: Don't blink.
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Re: 10 sentence challenge

Sun Jan 29, 2017 5:32 am

Paraguay: You've hit your population limit. Build more houses or town centers.
Egypt: How do I build stuff?!
British: Oh, well this is relatively boring... OOOH REDCOATS!
Tupis: Cannibalism IS fun!
Greeks: That little pond just got very useful.
Mapuche: guis y is my home city blank fix plz.
Australia: Also popularly known as "New Zealand"!
Spanish: I know that horses are fast, but my god.
Dutch: Prepare for the Mercenary Spam.
Bulgarians: 1 (mass-homecitied) unit to rule them all.
Hawwo, am Soully!

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